Project Info

Quick tip: Keep it short! Online audiences have short attention spans, so keep it under 2 minutes if possible.

Let us know the big picture stuff! What are you trying to accomplish with this video and what are you hoping audiences will take away after watching it?

We want to know all the details! Be sure to include if you need:

  • Voiceover (if so, tell us your preference on the gender, accent, age and style)
  • On-screen text graphics or subtitles
  • Music (style and tone)
  • Is there a particular video style you like and want to emulate with your video? Send us the URL's of other videos you're into so we're all on the same page.

AND FINALLY: When uploading your footage, be sure to upload any brand assets (logos, fonts, color guides) we’ll need to create your video. Please, make sure you don't upload more than a total of 80 files and check that each file is less than 250Mb!