Pro Tips & Settings for Shooting with a GoPro

What’s awesome about a GoPro camera is that you can shoot professional looking action footage (in any environment) without much prep. However, having a full understanding of the GoPro video modes will ensure that your footage looks it’s absolute best when it comes time to edit. In the video below, surfer Lakey Peterson tells you what you need to know about resolution, FPS and slow motion — while getting barrelled in Hawaiian waves.

If you’re newer to the world of video, all those names and numbers might have sounded like a bunch of jibberish. But fear not! Check out the video below from the DIYGoProGuy for a more detailed explanation about what it all means.

For more info on shooting with a GoPro, the GoPro Tutorial YouTube Channel is the obvious (and perfect) choice for lessons and video inspiration. Additionally, we loved this article on Wareable full of quick tips for shooting with a GoPro. Now go out and get shooting!


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