Smartphone & iPhone Video Shooting Tips

You can shoot video with your phone that’s just okay OR you can shoot great videos with your phone. Knowing simple tricks and tips will ensure that you capture great video footage.


Here are the basic tips to shoot great video on your phone:


1. Shoot horizontal! NOT vertical. Never. Never ever.

2. Use a Tripod.

3. Don’t use the zoom. Physically walk closer to the subject your shooting.

4. Light your video. If you’re shooting in natural light, you’re all set. If not, look into getting a cheap lighting kit for trickier environments. Check out more of our resources on MacGyvering a lighting kit HERE.

5. Use the exposure lock.

6. To capture audio, you can use a simple voice memo on your phone and/or an external microphone to capture it but always make sure to get your microphone as close as you can to the subject. Additionally, clap once at the start of each take (with your hands in the shot) so your editor at EditMate can line up the audio and the video perfectly. Audio is super important, so here are some more of our audio-related tips and tricks.

7. Need a wide shot? Get a clip on lens adapter, like this one.

8. Slow motion is cool, but only when appropriate.


After you’ve shot all your footage… fill out a Start a Project form and upload it to us. We’ll edit an awesome, professional video for your brand!

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