With EditMate, brands can create authentic video content that cuts through the noise of traditional advertising by not only engaging with their community but actually incorporating them into the final video.

Brands around the world work with our Platform to turn raw, crowdsourced footage into polished videos.

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Rachel King
Founder + Creative Director

With over 10 years of experience as a shooter, editor, producer + content director, Rachel has always loved creating videos and thinks you should too. She’s thrilled that EditMate allows everyone to get in on the creative side of video while our editors are able to work from where they want, when they want.

To see where she’s working from currently, follow her adventures at rachelkingcreative.com

Scott Stratford
Founder + Managing Director

Scott’s a digital marketing all-rounder that’s excited about the golden age of video that’s upon us. After 10 years in the online advertising world he understands the power of social video and is pumped that EditMate gives anyone with a smartphone the ability to get involved in it.

When he’s not surfing, he’s often surfing the internet… so connect with him on LinkedIn to say hey.